Shower supplies were also well 인천 마사지 stockedited.

Overall, it is neat and luxurious because it feels like a hotel room.

This place was more reliable, luxurious, and comfortable than the place.

Above all, the manager is Korean, so it was great that we could communicate well.

There’s a sofa inside. It felt like a rest area. It was nice to sit there and talk.

It’s a quiet atmosphere, but it also feels like the bright sunlight is coming in and photosynthesizing.

I’m starting to feel confident that I’ll be able to have a great time here today.

The shower room was very clean. It’s a one-person massage shop, so it’s very comfortable to take a shower right away in my room. Shower supplies were also well stockedited.

So I made a reservation near my house and company. It was nice to get here in 5 minutes even if I use public transportation. The parking facilities were fully equipped, so it was perfect for me who was inclined to save cars. I came to visit with the awareness that I could become a regular customer if I had good management skills. I’m the type who gets a lot of care, so I have no choice but to give him a generous grade. I always worry about parking, but it’s close to my house and not far from my company, so I thought I could visit with a simple and comfortable mind.

When you come inside, it feels like this.

They’re supposed to take off their shoes and go in, and they’re greeted by an employee with a great service mind.

If you’re not familiar with a place like this, you might 인천 마사지 feel uncomfortable, but if you’re inside, you feel like a king.

It’s a healing experience as I get more comfortable and enjoy myself.

The towel was folded beautifully right in front of the shower room. It’s like a hotel towel. It’s so thick and soft. It makes me feel good.I thought it was very comfortable to have a place like this in Sang-dong!

So I left right away to get Bucheon Gunma Sweetsy. When I entered the shop, I saw the managers busily organize the rooms and towels they seemed to have used, and the boss welcomed me with a bright smile and unique comfort. He showed us the waiting room, and he said we run the waiting room. I loved it so much. It’s a bit awkward and embarrassing to face other people while waiting, but I found out that where I’m sitting today, I’m paying a lot of attention to my clients. The interior was neat and nice, and the visit was worthwhile with my own time and expense.

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