There’s a reason for healing

Kuntai is a healthy business, so it’s not bad for women to use Kuntai because there are so many illegal massage questions in the spring of Christmas.
It is said that if you ask for something useless, you will be properly discharged without a refund, and whenever you go to Kuntai, you will always hear songs that are clean inside and calm with a scent that is not bad, and it is not bad.
The drinks served during the foot bath are cool green tea, Thai atmosphere is good today. The menu of Moran Station Kuntai Kuntai, which smells more Thai with dark songs, was well received as a minute course, and depending on the body condition of the day, I choose the aroma.
At this cost, the person who made the reservation before noon also makes it.
Something is very big and very united.
When I felt like I had a Thai tradition and felt like my body muscles were tight. When I felt like I could feel better even if I relaxed my body soft, I could learn such simple Thai words in front of the aroma bath. But when I took a foot bath, I felt tired and forgot to get a cold bath.
Ta-shops often put their foot bath time in the middle of it, and even if they cut their time right, they don’t have much time to actually do it, but Moran Station Kuntai only spends time on other things except foot bath time, which is really good.
After taking a foot bath, Saga washed her feet with a body wash and applied body lotion to her feet, so I felt better. I didn’t know before washing my feet, but after washing first, my feet are soft and the towels on the bed are very comfortable, so I go to the streets of Che Grie Deep Sleep and my right shoulder is not bad for the 스웨디시 마사지 teacher.
I told you, but when I fell down, the four of you covered the wide towel on top of the tie, went up on your calves and started massage like you pressed it. But as soon as I did, my calves hurt so much that I was walking around and didn’t stretch my legs or stretch my shoulders. It’s really nice to get it and let it go. And the interesting thing is that when you get it on your stomach, your left leg was very tight, but when you got it back, it felt like your right thigh was very tight. We were always pointed out that we were walking. We were always tired, and both legs were getting burned. The left side of the pelvis was a bit floating, and it was very cool when you pushed the pelvis down. At the end of the course, you stretch it out as a conclusion. But on this day, I said I didn’t want to do it because I don’t want to.
Then, he loosened his shoulders more for sitting down, lying down or lying down, loosened the front of his shoulders, and loosened the top of his shoulders. He is different from professionalism. When he gets a dry tie at Kuntai, Moran Station, he mixes his shoulders with a tiger’s chestnut and cream.
I’m happy that I feel like I’m solidified with the idea that I don’t have to pay extra and get an aroma massage.
Before we ask if there were any likes or dislikes about the scent of this pain relief patch, four people ask.
We were definitely cooler after this, Kuntai Moran recommended to those who have long-term trust and need a place to go. I’ve been going there for over a year, so I recommend this place to my friends and blog

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