I think the Russian background and the old literary drama mingled with the old piano sound.

Gangdong Art Center, which arrived through strong yellow dust and fine dust winds!
It’s my first time visiting Gangdong Art Center and it’s nice to have such a large park in front of the concert hall.
The first performance of the Russian series, the concert Croitzer Sonata.

I thought it was a one-off event, but it was planned for three shows in total, tying the theme to Russia.

I have to play music and plan at the same time.
I was wondering, out of all the countries, why did you choose a theme for Russia?
There was a performance at the Small Theater Dream.

The small theater Dream has the advantage of being able to communicate with the audience at a close distance.
The main restraint of the concert hall is not a good tree, nor an interior that can effectively use the echo.
I think it’s a hall suitable for the play.
Maybe it’s not a concert hall.
I was surprised to hear the first note because the piano sounded old.

The life of a concert piano is up to 10 years.
After 10 years, unless you really take good care of it, it’s moisture and temperature that changes the sound plate.
If the Woollim incense plate is modified, the Woollim will change, making it difficult for pianists to perform.

I’m sure there’s also the beauty of playing on the old piano!
I’ve been exposed to a lot of pianos around the world, and I’ve had to learn and adapt to each piano.
Pianist Ilya also played the piano and the echo of the hall very well!
I think that’s why the Russian background and the old literary drama went well with the old piano sound.
From the left, pianist Ilya violinist Nilu actor Hwang Gun.

The performance was developed just like the book.

The performance took place for an hour in the form of greeting passengers who met for the first time on the train, telling stories, discussing the murder of his wife, and saying goodbye on the train.

With the sound of the train, the train on the screen feels like it’s really on a Russian train.
It feels like I haven’t traveled abroad in a long time.

Actor Hwang Gun’s acting was immersive and psychological, so I was able to empathize well.
But the sound of a plastic gun from a dropped gun.

I showed you ballerino and ballerina ballet on screen.
I didn’t understand what that meant during the show.
Looking back, I think I showed the love between men and women through the screen.

Beethoven’s Croitzer Sonata is a difficult 웹하드추천 drama to play and to listen to.
Your teamwork was so good and your performance was amazing that I understood it well!
The best thing about this performance is!
The acting and music performance were properly cut off and the story was solved well as a performance.

I think it was possible because actors and performers understood each other’s parts accurately.

So I feel like I read Tolstoy and Beethoven’s Croitzer Sonata as a performance!!
Give a round of applause to the three of you who gave us a great performance!
From the left, pianist Ilya violinist Nilu Piano Docent Yu Ja-young
Pianist Ilya Violinist Nilu
I want to hear you two play again!

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