Turns out, this scene shows the director’s subtle greed and sense.

Cha Joo-ik, editor of Life Story Web Novels.

Even though he’s the son of a building owner… People don’t know who he is. Just an office worker whose earnings are no different from ours.

No, it’s not. It’s not the right way to look.
Apart from ability?
Yes, yes, he’s a very wrong office worker.

Team Leader Woo!

The CEO of the company, who asked if the company was a playground and blamed him for coming back after a long time.

Joo Ik doesn’t want to get in the way of troubles. It’s not my job.

A yearning to say sorry to the president.
Joo-ik picks up the phone.

Still on the phone? Stock profit

The key point of this picture is the length of Cha Ju-ik’s legs sitting down.
Is the length of the bridge real? Why does the chair look so small? Why does the desk look so small?
Is it because of your broad shoulders?

Unrivaled body, beautiful appearance. And neat desks. Dimann actually looks great because he’s 웹하드쿠폰 Lee Soo-hyuk. Laughter

Yes ..
There’s no way we’re talking on the phone.

First of all, office workers can’t talk on the phone in that situation.
I can’t do it because it’s too loud.

But it’s not good to not talk on the phone already, but Joo Ik’s face and direction can tell.

It seemed like the expression of picking up the phone has always happened since the CEO made a loud noise. And then, regardless of the phone, the story goes back and forth.

It’s annoying, but he’s a boss who keeps paying attention to me. I think Tokyo is also a direct assistant employee and a boss who can’t refuse as if he asks for something. That’s what I thought.

Cha Joo-ik is a nice boss with affection.
I want to work for a company like this.

And when the video came up, I couldn’t believe it.

And I think it’s a bad thing, and I think I can’t, so I’m putting the phone on the hook.

I was gonna say something between you two.

A yearning to go out and take an annual leave.

The point in this picture is… Full arm length on backrests and armrests.

Leg length. Arm length. Shoulders… the director wrote this short moment very well.
That’s right. Nana’s money and time. Director, I agree with your sense of course!

Oh, I’m right.
No, I’m telling you, I’m not.
Really? No?

Turns out, this scene shows the director’s subtle greed and sense.
And the detailed acting was a scene where I could see Lee Soo-hyuk.

What does Cha Joo-ik look like in the second episode?

I’ll be back with the second review.

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