Here after the Busan couple massage

A few days ago, my second brother got a call from his colleague

I heard you went to Cheongdam the Thai

He said he wanted to go

My youngest sister is coming to my parents’house

It’s been a long time since I had three sisters in Busan

I thought it would be nice to receive it, so I set the time and date

I was there, but my youngest sister couldn’t go because she had something to do

Only my second brother and I came back

Go in and verify the visit with the QR code

It’s a hand sanitizer that comes out automatically when you touch it

A clean device that automatically checks your body temperature

I was able to disinfect it comfortably

We’re carrying out indoor quarantine every week

It was a place I was guarding

There were a lot of benefits

For the daytime course, the time zone is in the morning

It’s set from 10 to 7 pm

I’m here, so I have to go accordingly

You can sign up for a new membership at this hour

Then, Thai or aroma simple

You can choose and get a discount

And there was a couple special

It’s not just couples

Even if it’s accompanied by 2 people, it’s a couple special or

Among the couple aroma specials, I want a massage

You can get a discount at a low price

The place where I get a couple massage in Busan is

I think interior design is important

That’s why we’re using props

I did it

From flooring to finishing materials, it was luxurious

I put a tree in the hallway and it gave me a warm feeling

Space can make people feel better

I could’ve taken care of it

Your second brother said he’s in a good mood

He said he liked the concept I decorated

We decided to get a tie

I went into the women’s room

The fitting room is simply a place to change clothes

It’s an existing space

It’s clean, so it’s important to keep it clean

I think the second brother is more than anything else

I guess you really liked this part

There was a dressing room. There was a dressing table

There’s a sink and a towel box to wash the comb

There was a sterilizer

If you think about it, it’s skin for hygiene

It’s important to keep it clean, but it’s also important for your skin

This is how you manage the tools you touch

I think it’s important

There are skincare products next to it

It was designed to be easy to use

There was a shower room in the fitting room

Every shower booth in the shower room

It was installed, but the water was dripping

The shower to adjust the height

There were two types

Next to the shower, shampoo, body wash soap, etc

There are various products used for washing

I could wash myself comfortably

The chairs and cushions in the foot bath were all luxurious

In particular, the back wall is a combination of wood and gold

I felt like the luxurious feeling was completed

The lighting was a little dark overall

I was nervous because it was cozy and calm

I felt a little better

Cute on the small table in the foot bath

Props were on it

When the diffuser is in the candle warmer

Here’s why the interior is fragrant

My sister saw the water melted in the foot bath

It was ready when I entered

Predicting the average time to change clothes

It’s not hot. It’s cold

Suitable enough to relieve tiredness

The water temperature was ready

He even served warm tea

I got a scrub on my foot while drinking tea

Use scrubs to prevent pain

She scrubbed me like I was pushing my soles

There was no irritation at all, so it didn’t hurt. It was cool

When I was done, I touched my foot

Smooth and definitely smooth

After the foot bath, my sister had a couple massage in Busan

I received it from the group room because you guided me to get it

It was so comfortable

This is the room where my sister got a massage

I have a lower body and my second brother has a stiff upper body

The parts you want to receive with strong pressure

I told him. He’s a professional Korean manager

He focused on releasing it

It’s not just about the strength of the acupressure

We’re trying to figure out the tensed muscles of the body

The muscles are tightly knotted one by one

I was released

I wasn’t sick at all

I felt lighter when I was about to fly

Getting a massage and then stretching

That’s why you strengthened your muscles

Unlike massage, it’s better when you’re stretching

I felt more relaxed

My lower body had a lot of swelling

I got massage and stretching

Your calves are a bit thinner and elastic

I was so satisfied that I looked like you

We’re moving after the massage

In addition to the group room I was in, there are two people

The couple’s room was empty, so I looked around

The group room was big because it had to accommodate four people

The two-person room is also large, so it’s in a stuffy space

Even people who don’t like this place are very open-minded

I can get a comfortable Busan couple massage

I think I do

Because I’m lying on my own, I’m better off than any other room

It’s too narrow for me to tell you what to do

I saw a single room thinking about it, but it wasn’t

It was so cozy that I wanted to get a massage alone

I thought I’d be comfortable lying down

This is a lounge for tea

The chair and table were luxurious

You can drink tea after the massage

They made a place to rest for a while

Here after the Busan 서울출장마사지 couple massage

I want you to sit down and come with me

We talked about it. It would have been great

She’s a close friend of mine

When I saw him, I kept talking to him

Everything was perfect. Seomyeon branch and Nampo branch

And Haeundae Beach Branch and Centum Branch

I recommend you to visit nearby

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