I’m lying on my stomach. From the top, step by step. The massage has started.

The entrance is made of front glass and a yellow sign.

They were welcoming us.

Healing Footshop has good reviews around here.

Where disinfection, and details.

We’ve been trusted, so we’ll be safe.

I made a reservation because I thought it would work.

You can just come here and use it.

If you’re a frequent visitor, buy a flat ticket.

It’s much cheaper to use.

Individuals can purchase 110,000 won and benefit from additional 10,000 won.

In the case of multi-person books, the cards 강남건마 are at the same price.

It’s possible, but the benefits range from 20,000 won to 50,000 won.

You can get it and it has a one-year expiration date.

The recommended course is a cheap event.

I can get it, so I looked at the whole body sports and feet.

You can get it for 40,000 won and a full-body aroma only.

60,000 won for dry back, dry back, and aroma for 50,000 won.

It was a pretty good event because I could get it.

Once in, apply hand sanitizer.

I looked at it, and we’re going to get it by telegraph.

The first one looked just right.

Added to dry, aroma, special, premium

Where you want to get more money, you pay more at once.

I can take it.

Aroma still has to take off her clothes.

For a boyfriend who is new to September-dong Couple Massage,

I thought it was inappropriate.

So, we’re going to have a dry, fully dressed up.

I chose it.

Because disinfection is done meticulously every time.

If you go into a private room and get a massage,

You don’t have to be afraid of who received it before.

It’s working.

I’m worried because I wash all the towels I used right away.

They say you don’t have to.

The first thing I got was hot water and foot baths.

It was almost.

It was even more amazing because the color of the water wasn’t common.

I’m a little red and he’s a little green.

I could have soaked it in water.

Even if the water splashes because I changed my clothes beforehand,

I wasn’t worried.

This is where we get the September-dong Couple Massage.

It’s a space.

You’re the only one who’s lying on the bed.

It’s a good place to share.

All the towels on the floor are ready to be ground.

When we lie down, it’s very soft.

You don’t want to rub your skin against a rough towel.

It’s not uncomfortable to put soft ones on top them off.

I didn’t have it.

There’s a moderate amount of light inside, so it’s a little soft.

It was a relaxing place.

My feet get warm, my whole body feels drowsy, and my muscles feel numb.

You know, I feel a little relaxed.

I’m lying on my stomach. From the top, step by step.

The massage has started.

First of all, relax your shoulders a little bit, and then your boyfriend…

He’s just saying that he’s sick.

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