As soon as you enter the massage shop, the aroma scents are subtle throughout the shop.

There is only about a month left in 2020 ㅠㅠ I think I only remember wearing a mask and not doing well in my daily life this year.Jureuk

So it’s so frustrating and my jaw is really bumpy.I hated wearing a mask and it was uncomfortable, but I realized recently that I was benefiting from the mask.

You always wear a mask, so you can only see my eyes from outside. So I didn’t know, but I was shocked when I saw my friend’s picture last

The fat on the chin that was covered by the mask was a total eye-catching!ㅠㅠ I haven’t thought much about wearing a mask for a while, but my chin is really chubby. And since it’s winter, I wear clothes.But my arms got stuck.It was hard to move. So I felt that I gained weight then.

I’m insensitive. Anyway, I was shocked and decided to go on a diet.

I’m a blunt person who hasn’t felt fat for a while.You’d better get some help. I had an idea.Hah!

That’s why I finally decided to go to a diet hospital in Incheon after looking for several diet hospitals that are effective near my house!

I think the doctor who went on a diet in 세종 마사지 Incheon is very clean and does the floor cleaning very hard.LOL

The sparkle you can see in the picture.

I went there for the first time and filled out the call! I had to check and write it down in great detail.

It was a little annoying ^^ but I wrote it sincerely.Haha

After I finish writing the questionnaire, I measure my body! It’s been a while since I weighed myself, so I was so scared.

Oh, 55.9kg. Almost 56.LOL

Well, I used to weigh about 45 kilos when I wasn’t going out.When did I gain that much weight? I was

If I succeed, I’ll post a review so I’ll ask my friend to take a picture of me measuring my in-body.

I finished my depressing in-body test and had a consultation with the director. I chose the medicine as empty and ungain. It’s possible to prescribe unsweetened Korean medicine. The representative oriental medicine of Incheon Diet Oriental Medicine? This is how it feels.After the counseling session, I started to empty my mouth the next day, but I heard that I can’t eat during this period. It’s detox period! So I only ate simple salads or vegetables for about three days!

I had a lot of work on the first day of the show, so I couldn’t have lunch.ㅠㅠ But I don’t feel hungry because of the soup, and I drink water after eating the soup, and my stomach is full of

I didn’t use the soup as much as I thought. It’s like a sweet double flower soup. It was better than I thought.Haha

I ate a big tomato for dinner, but I was so full. So I barely ate it.The effect of emptying…

On the second day, we had paprika and tomatoes for lunch! But strangely enough, I wasn’t hungry.All my colleagues asked me if it would be okay after eating it, but I was surprised because I wasn’t hungry at all.But after taking oriental medicine, my mouth kept getting dry! So I drank a lot of water. When you’re on a diet, you’re supposed to drink a lot of water, right? It feels like killing two birds with one stone. And since I drank a lot of water, I think I wasn’t hungry anymore.

After work, I went to do my usual Dera Pilates!

But Pilates is not a strenuous exercise, but after exercising, I am not hungry at all, so it is cool..

The last day of the emptying! Is it because I ate too little and didn’t take care of it, or is it just work stress?Hah!

I felt a little dizzy and had a headache, so I ate lunch and dinner, of course, with vegetables.

After eating a meal, I was so full that it was hard to eat all the food I

What I felt during the 3 days of emptying my face is that my swelling has definitely gone down! And my body became much lighter! In the meantime, I felt a little heavy and a little
The shop I visited was a ‘Coco’ one-person shop located in Eojin-dong. I’m not used to the road yet, so I called a little bit, and I was able to find it well because you kindly told me where you were! The business hours are from 2 p.m. to 12 a.m., and the last time is 10:30 p.m., so it would be good to keep that in mind!

After 3 days, I visited the Incheon Diet clinic again and measured my body. Wow.52.8 kilos!!!

Three kilos in three days! The director said that the swelling usually goes down a lot when you empty it, but I think that’s true.First of all, I felt my face a little slimmer, and the hole I used to wear when I was wearing the watch became a little more relaxed.I was very satisfied because I saw my chin fat and lower abdomen got cleaned up in 3 days!

And I was a little surprised that I lost more than I expected.

A comparison of the chins before and after emptiness.Do you see this? This feels different to me.Good!

I started to eat it right after I finished the soup, but it tasted similar! I think it’s easy to understand if you think it’s just the herbal medicine we know.Haha

You can eat the raw sugar of Incheon Diet Oriental Medicine 3 times a day, and after you eat the raw sugar, you will lose your hunger.It’s amazing, so I eat a little lunch and dinner, and my stomach definitely seems to have shrunk during my empty stomach. a dog’s profit

I only do it for about a month. I go to the Incheon Diet clinic every two weeks and lose weight. I’m getting all this stuff.I heard that it works better because I get regular counseling and then get the prescription back according to my condition!

I’m still in the middle of an ‘ing’, so I’ll bring you an after picture if the front seat changes.

I’ve lost weight since then, but I’ll try my best not to overeat while watching you gain weight! Way to go, all the dieters!

I made a reservation for the last time, but luckily I made a reservation for the day. After the visit, I talked to the director and he said that it’s very difficult to make reservations for the last time. If you want to visit a single-person shop massage shop, you should make a reservation and visit.

As soon as I entered the massage shop in Sejong, I could feel the aroma scent throughout the shop. When I visited, I was very tired because I cleaned up my room. But now that I smell aroma scent, I feel calmer and feel better.

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