I was satisfied with my visit to the place where I can massage well again

I’m going to take some good memories with you last time.

Naturalist visiting again.

And the aesthetic shops that the situation has cut off.

I can’t go. I’m just going to work and home.

I’m so tired these days that I can’t even exercise.

I had no choice but to rush back from work.

I don’t even do stretching in my spare time.

Your muscles get tense so fast.

Do I need a prescription? Just…

Should I search for a massage in Gangnam?

I was thinking about it, and I didn’t want to make a trial and error

I’ve been to the place I’ve been to before. Oh, my God.

I think 60 minutes and 90 minutes are very different!

60 minutes including foot bath is too much.

It felt short.

The first reason I’m back here is…

The fact that quarantine is being thoroughly carried out.

Hand disinfection and heating checks and QR codes are of course basic.

Even when you get a massage, both the therapy and the customer

He wore a mask and received it.

We’re carrying out quarantine disinfection every day.

The certificate of disinfection is also attached, so it is managed accordingly.

It seems to be one of the best places:)

Once you have completed the certification process,

I’m going to get a changing gown and a disposable underwear.

Let’s go to the dressing room.

I used to stay here for good-bye and good-bye.

You gave it to me, but every Corona, for the time being,

They said they were not paying the service fee.

The powder room in the women’s changing room.

I’ve never used it before.

towels, dryers, combs, cleansing foam, etc.

It’s all in place, so I’ll remove my makeup off.

It would be nice to get a massage.

There’s even a disposable toothbrush!

He’s all dressed up in his gown.

It’s a place that’s been getting out of here.

One person who doesn’t use these things well.

There are two showers.

He’s in the locker room.

I can get out of here after taking care of my business.

If I could get an aroma massage,

I think it would be better to take a simple shower.

I like it when I get aromatherapy.

Acne-like skin… It could be a stimulus.

If you’ve had a massage, you’ll have to do it as soon as possible.

Washing out the oil is also important.

You don’t touch anything, you just…

I’m gonna change into one-time underwear and gowns.

Let’s take a foot 안산건마 bath.

A person with sensitive skin like me.

You can just wear underwear for yourself.

I think it could be better hygienically.

Nylon disposable underwear (pants)

You’re gonna wear it once and throw it away.

When it touches the skin, the material slightly

It’s a little bumpy, but I have sensitive skin.

Because I felt a little uncomfortable.

When you get an aroma massage,

I picked rose oil last time.

I picked Jasmine this time.

for about five minutes in a row

after a foot bath

Enter couple room:)

The couple’s room is partitioned like this.

There’s a room that’s not down.

It’s the same double room, but there’s a partition between the two beds.

There are some places where it’s down

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