You have to work with operations and strategies to make it work

Where you market and where you don’t.

What’s the difference?

There are still a lot of start-ups out there.

To fight against all those competitors,

We need a solid marketing strategy.

Marketing makes sure he’s there.

We have to add them to our sales.

Of course, marketing is the only way to succeed.

I’m not 백링크 saying this.

Well, it’s obvious that you’re marketing.

It’s gonna help with sales, right?

That’s why we’re looking at the marketing case.

You’d better study and proceed.

When we’re marketing,

The most common way to find out is…

It’s blogging and SNS marketing.

But blogs are all over the target.

It’s applicable.

Especially for young consumers.

It works well when you do it.

To put it this way,

Target target looks narrow,

When it comes to young people,

It could actually have a bigger effect.

So if you start marketing,

I don’t want you to do what you’re told.

Where you can customize it.

You have to be with him.

The media is

Marketing in various fields.

It’s a professional business.

That’s why some kind of Daegu viral marketing

We can proceed with the customization you requested.

For example, when operating content

You’re supposed to be familiar with legal information.

Medical and food sectors, of course.

It’s not against the law.

The most effective way to market.

I’d like to offer you a suggestion.

Even in the same field, depending on the status of businesses and businesses,

Because the proper methods are different.

This is very important.

Of course, viral marketing.

I don’t know how to proceed specifically.

I can’t tell you right now.

It’s customized.

Because it depends a lot on the situation.

But I can tell you this for sure.

If there’s a budget that you’ve set aside,

We’ll work on it accordingly.

To satisfy your budget results,

We will also proceed with the sales guarantee service.

It’s an important part.

For your information, the revenue guarantee service

In other marketing,

It’s not easy to see.

With the advertiser at the time of the initial contract,

Target sales.

If we don’t get there, we’ll be able to do it indefinitely.

We’re extending your contract.

And until we reach our goal,

I’ll take responsibility.

If you contact me directly for more information,

I’ll let you know.

And if you start making a homepage,

It’s just that it’s hard and unfamiliar.

Traditional blogs are like choosing clothes from a department store.

All I had to do was make a choice.

Because it’s not a homepage blog.

What does the top part consist of?

What design are you going to work on?

There’s a lot to worry about, like, how to apply it.

To actually do this right,

A design expert is a must.

So I’m going to make a blog.

Let’s say the designer commissioned it.

If they design it and apply it to the blog,

Will it be easy after that? Can I let go of your hand?

No, actually, the official blog is…

It starts after we’ve made it.

And in order to operate properly,

Even before I made my blog design,

We need to develop content planning, operational strategies, etc

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