There were various menus such as Suedishima Saji and Aroma Massage, so it wasn’t difficult to choose.

I think the weather is getting warmer. I heard that we can expect warmer weather tomorrow, so I’m glad. These days, I’m really into getting Mars massage. I think it’s good to have a good hobby because I didn’t have any fun and I didn’t have any hobbies. If I had known that massage was this good, I would have regretted that I should have gotten it more often. So today, I’m going to talk about my favorite Mars Emotional Massage. I’m reviewing where I’ve actually been, and I’m sharing it because I hope you’ve been there, so please read it.

At first, my body was so stiff and I worked with the wrong posture, so I decided to get a massage because I had a lot of muscles. But I couldn’t figure out where to go. I was at a loss because it was my first time in my life, but my friend told me about a website called “I’m into Gunma”. I went in and found that it was very convenient to select massage shops in various places across the country as well as Hwaseong by theme.

In fact, I was able to read the reviews of customers who went to Hwaseong Emotional Massage. It’s different for each company, but it was really nice to have some places where you can pay points or get a massage at a discount if you write a review. In my case, I focused on the closest places. I chose the places with the best facilities and positive reviews. This is where I visited! The interior of the store was so neat and the atmosphere I felt inside was luxurious, so I felt good as soon as I arrived.

When I went inside, the Hwaseong Emotional Massage Shop, which has a much cleaner and more luxurious image than the appearance I saw from the outside, welcomed me. To give you a tip, this place was 100% operated on a reservation system. I heard that it’s to minimize friction between customers in this sensitive situation due to Corona because it’s such a popular place. Hygiene is amazing, too.

I arrived earlier than I thought, so I sat down and waited 김포건마 for a while. It was fun to look around the interior of the store, and there were magazines and cell phone chargers, so I was able to spend time without being bored. In addition, the teacher gave me a cup of warm tea, saying it was very cold outside, and I was grateful that he cared about me even when I was busy greeting customers.

I’m going to choose the menu now menu. There were various menus such as Suedishima Saji and Aroma Massage, so it wasn’t difficult to choose. I heard it’s famous for its sports massage on Mars. Personally, dry massage hurts because it’s too much pressure. ㅠㅠ Anyway, I fell in love with Gunma and got a membership discount and I was able to use it well.

This is what the room looks like when you come in for a massage. I could use a single room because I visited alone. I thought it would be awkward to be alone in an unfamiliar space, but it was great to enjoy massage in a more comfortable atmosphere than I thought. With your perfect massage skills, I can recommend you Mars Emotional Massage! You should all go there.

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