It’s higher than normal loans, and interest rates are compounded.

Types of Woori Bank’s negative bank accounts [Conditions and qualifications after opening non-face-to-face]

Since the negative account only applies to the amount I used, and free deposit and withdrawal are possible, many people use it for emergency loans in case of emergency after receiving it in advance. So today, we will look into the types of Woori Bank’s negative bank accounts that you can get without visiting the store and also look at the conditions and qualifications.

1. What is a negative account?

A negative account is also called a limited loan. I use it more often because it has a higher approval rate than credit loans, but it has the advantage of being able to distribute cash because it pays interest only as much as it is used. But compared to ordinary credit loans, because interest rates are high, reckless spending can quickly snowball. Therefore, it is better to use it for emergency money when it is really urgent rather than just receiving it in advance.

2. Non-face-to-face loans

Several commercial banks, including Woori Bank, operate loan products that can be used by cell phones or the Internet without visiting their branches. The convenience is emphasized because the automatic scraping method allows you to accept documents and approve them first without submitting documents.

Woori Bank’s negative account type

Then let’s find out what kind of negative bank account Woori Bank has.

1. Our main office worker loan

This is a credit loan product from Woori Bank for office workers. It is aimed at office workers with an earned income of more than 30 million won and a year of employment. Woori Bank has to meet its own screening standards, transferring salaries to Woori Bank, or automatically transferring telecommunications and utility bills from Woori Bank more than three times and holding our card. You can borrow up to 150% of annual income to a total of 200 million won, and you can use it for up to 5 years for a year. The minimum interest rate is 2.52% per year.

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2. WON’s office loan

It’s a regular worker loan that you can apply for on the Internet. Up to KRW 100 million can be used, but as much as KRW 50 million will be applied in the case of negative bank statements. Those who have more than six months of employment should earn more than 20 million won per year, which will be measured based on the payment history of the Korea Health Insurance Corporation. 0.2%P for salary transfer customers per year, 0.1%P for open banking customers, and 0.2%P for preferential interest rates for employees are applied. Different loan limits are applied depending on 비대면 폰테크 individual credit ratings, tenure, and annual income.

3. Our emergency loan

There are no restrictions on work or income because it’s a loan using communication information. The communication rating here refers to the rating calculated using the customer’s information held by the telecommunications company as the credit rating. It should be using SK, KT, and LG U+, the nation’s top three telecommunications companies. You must have the lowest external credit rating of 6. Since it is an emergency loan, the maximum loan limit is 3 million won and the interest rate is 3.71% per year.

Woori Bank’s negative bank account characteristics

1. Certified Public Certificate

All the products that you have seen in Woori Bank’s negative account type described earlier can be applied by cell phone or computer, so you can open it with only one official certificate. However, in order to check income or calculate telecommunication grade, the National Tax Service or telecommunications company should be able to identify personal information.

2. Limit

In most non-face-to-face loans, it is difficult to raise the limit because it is often a product with a fixed limit, which has changed a lot from the past when the limit was set at the discretion of a bank employee during loan consultation.

Beware of Woori Bank’s negative bank account

However, there is something to be careful about when using a negative account because it is not only good, but it has lower interest rates than cash services, but it is higher than ordinary loans and the interest rate is on benefits, so if you use it for too long, the amount can increase quickly.

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