I’m sure you’ll think of it as long as you want to revisit it.

Hello! It’s finally Friday that I’ve been waiting for so long! I’m excited, but I’m tired from continuous overtime work. So today, I’m going to go to Jamsil Korean massage shop that I went to last week and try to relieve the fatigue and stress I received this week! It was my first time visiting this place after a review of the Gunma, and the manager’s skills were so good that I kept thinking about it! I wanted to let you know because I was the only one who didn’t know.

The ‘Royal’ I visited is located within 3 minutes’ walk from Jamsil Bird History Exit 4. I’m in front of my house, so I’m walking. It’ll be convenient for people who use public transportation to come because it’s close to the station. If you’re bringing a car, it’ll be good to keep that in mind.
The Korean massage shop is open from 10 a.m. to the end of the day. When the phone is off, it is closed randomly or closed, and if the reservation time is more than 10 minutes late, the reservation will be automatically canceled, so you should contact me in advance if there is any change.
There was a safe store pet horse in front of the store. Jamsil Massage Shop disinfects the entire shop once or twice a day. Until I went to the salon and came out, all the caregivers were wearing masks without putting them down or putting them on their noses. There were people who took it off because they were frustrated, but this shop was very careful with the quarantine, so I was able to get a massage at ease.
The shop was generally quiet and cozy. Personally, I don’t like bright places. Moderately dark lighting makes my eyes comfortable and calm, so I prefer dark places when I come to massage shops. Jamsil Korean massage shop had a really good environment for me to relax. The waiting area was so nice and the couch was so fluffy that I could wait all day if I were there.
First, they gave me tea and snacks. They gave me milk thistle and vitamins. He gave me a warm Louis boss for tea. It was savory and slightly sweet because it was my favorite tea, so I could enjoy it. It’s my first time getting nutritional supplements like this. I was touched by the sense of a Korean massage shop that even cares about my health.
I heard about the program at Jamsil Swedish massage shop while drinking tea. It was 100,000 won for course A, 90 minutes and 130,000 won for course B. At first, I thought it was a bit expensive, but I heard that Korean massage shops can choose the oil you want and get treatment. 구리건마 I chose course B because I came here to solve it properly.
I was able to choose the oil I wanted after choosing the course. There were so many different kinds. I thought I’d been to a lot of massage sessions. It was my first time to handle many kinds of oil. They explained the effectiveness of each oil and conducted an oil test. They say that the oils at Jamsil massage shop are 100% natural oils. The scent is very subtle and luxurious.
Jamsil Korean massage shop has air purifiers installed in each room, so even in these days when it is difficult to ventilate, you can take care of yourself while breathing fresh air.
I was guided to the fitting room to change into a gown. The locker at the Korean massage shop had plenty of space, so it was great to store long clothes like winter clothes. It was also convenient to put bags and luggage separately because it had a compartment. I had a gown in advance. The cotton swab was good, so it felt cool and very soft to wear. It was easy to wear.
I moved to the footbath room to take a foot bath. First of all, Jamsil massage manager washed my feet clean. They’re giving me acupressure and it was so cool. It wasn’t uncomfortable because you pressed it gently without hurting me.
They put in a good-scented foot bath. The color was as nice and nice as the scent. After taking a foot bath, I felt like my stress and tiredness melted away. I only dipped my feet in warm water like this, but it made me feel comfortable. It was nice to relax and relax at the Korean massage shop in Jamsil Korean massage shop.

I relaxed and enjoyed the foot bath and moved to the room. The Korean massage therapist dabbed the oil I chose on the back of my ear. Even when I got home from a massage, my nose was gently hovering around. It was amazing that I could feel this feeling with just the scent as my hair became clear.
Jamsil Aroma massage manager asked me where I usually feel uncomfortable while applying oil. I usually sit on the computer for a long time, but I always cross my legs and put my bib on often, so my back, shoulders, and neck were always sore. If it’s too much, I even felt like my shoulder muscles were torn.
She gave me the most severe shoulder strain and gave me a massage without any discomfort. At first, I was really sick just by touching it, but from the moment I got on the Korean massage manager’s hand, I felt cooler than pain, and my hard muscles became softer.
I heard that it’s good to absorb it without taking a shower because it’s natural oil, so I tried to skip the shower, but I found that I was using my favorite brand of shower at Jamsil Korean massage shop. I thought I couldn’t miss it, so I finished my shower clean.
Jamsil massage shop also has disposable items, so it’s so convenient.
I was using an expensive brand product even with a hairbrush. I felt like I was treated properly at a Korean massage shop.
Lastly, I finished taking care of myself while drinking tea. The facilities, services, and skills were perfect, so I kept thinking about this shop. If you go to the Korean massage shop in Jamsil, you’ll think of it as much as you want to revisit.

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