Think carefully about whether China is normal or Japan, Europe, and the United States, where four-year-olds exercise.

Hello, I’m Jiu-Jitsu Moon Ji-eun.

Corona’s been prolonged, vaccinations have begun, but it’s not until September of this year that 70% of the nation’s population will be vaccinated.

I needed a breakthrough, and I needed a breakthrough, because it was like before Corona.

I thought about whether it was a classified kids’ class, including driving a car, elementary and middle school, or PT, and decided to take a course in PT class.

A few months ago, an acquaintance who had trained in jiujitsu asked me to do it, so I conducted a PT class as a demonstration, and the output and efficiency were good, so I decided.

I’ll show you the timetable, the price tag, again.
First of all, the class at 10 o’clock is restricted, so we can’t proceed according to the current schedule.

I really want to do jujitsu, but if you don’t have enough time, I’ll do the class on time.

And when the business time limit is lifted, I will change the afternoon schedule for Tuesday and Thursday. We’re going to refine the time.

At the same time, we plan to subdivide the price list and make memberships twice a week and three times a week.​

And unnecessary, but if there’s anything I need to be said,

What I felt was that even in this Pandemic situation, the profitable business is the children’s business.

I thought a lot about it, but I can’t do it because of my tendency and conscience.

Of course, there are directors who provide quality kids classes, but most kids classes are low-quality, and they are not just daycare centers that teach exercise.

Not just kids jiujitsu, but 주짓수 taekwondo, hapkido, judo, and everything are the same.
A junior high school student who did a year of special duty cannot fall.
Elementary school students who have been judo for a year can’t catch, step, tilt, fall, fried shrimp, and watch movies at the judo hall.
Half a year in boxing, an elementary school student doesn’t know how to hold a stride, doesn’t know how to hit a fist, doesn’t know how to stretch a fist, doesn’t know how to play a pivot,
Middle school students who have played jujitsu for two years can’t take out shrimp, wrap it around the opponent’s neck when they pass your slide, and there is no closed guard or open guard.

And parents who are consumers looking for these places,
On the surface, he says he wants to get him to exercise, but in fact, he tends to leave his children somewhere else instead of leaving them at home in China.
At first, parents don’t care what they learn or how they do it.
If you search a little bit and find out the data, you’ll know if my child’s exercise is right, but you’re not interested.

Kids’ gym is not a place to exercise. It’s a daycare center with a strong “care” personality that the government recently called when it was distancing itself.

Physical education for children is not tiring, and children do not ask questions even if they teach roughly or randomly.

And children say they have to watch movies because they have poor concentration, which is an excuse, but it’s a lie that people who haven’t even taken education and developmental psychology classes tell. It’s just a lack of teaching methods.
Japanese kids who are 4 to 5 years old do judo like this.

It’s the art of piggybacking. He is better than an adult who learns judo in China, and this kid is not an elite player. It’s just a hobby.

Judo trainees of the same age in China are putting their feet on the step first. It’s not just that you’re many times better, but you can’t compare it.

The reason why China is strong in international sports is not because of the development of daily sports and school sports like Japan, Europe, and the United States.

It is because elite physical education is developed only in communist countries.

It’s a cruel story, but there are only bad-headed athletes.

Even in Japan, Europe, and the United States, there is no term for living sports.

The recent outbreak of school violence in the sports community and associations such as the Chinese Sports Council are also problematic, but the foundation of it is the elite sports system.

The coaches who are absent from regular classes, working out closed-mindedly while staying in the dorm, don’t take regular classes, and who are absent from performance-oriented classes are quiet worried about Ace’s problems, but they won’t have any academic background.

It is the parents and you who are the consumers who created this system. It’s up to you to decide whether to follow the system.

As Google’s market share is weak and YouTube is strong, this article will not be delivered to many people, but if you are raising a child, please think about it when you see this article.

Think carefully about whether China is normal or Japan, Europe, and the United States, where four-year-olds exercise.

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