Construction requests are also coming from cafes, restaurants, and luxurious stores.

With the weather getting better, in cafes and restaurants,
A Study on the Space that can be enjoyed by opening the interior
I started thinking about it.
But it’s a lot of pressure to create a separate space.
To take existing space and use it efficiently
Many people are looking for the frameless folding door.

The place we’re going to introduce to you today.
Refreshed with frame-less folding doors
This is the construction site of Blue Square in Itaewon.

The place we were asked to visit was…
Located in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
This is the Blue Square concert hall in Itaewon.
You’re going to be able to fit a single space indoors or outdoors.
They want to use it. They want to work with skyning and frame-less folding.
You made a request.

The construction site is a place where you can see the Itaewon 스카이어닝 neighborhood at a glance.
The view of the city was very beautiful.
We went to work during the day.
I didn’t see the night view, but if the day view is this cool,
I’m sure the night view would be great, too.
To enjoy this wonderful view without any distraction,
The best way is to have a frameless folding door.
It’s a folding door, so if you need it, 90 percent.
It’s open, but even if you close it and use it,
There’s no unnecessary frame.
More completely indoors.
You can enjoy the outside view.

There’s skyning on top, and when it’s fine,
Like outdoors, you can enjoy the sunshine and the blue sky.
When it rains, it’s used as a roof.
You can feel the beauty of a rainy day.
Even in cafes, restaurants, luxurious stores, etc.
The construction request is coming in.

It’s this open skyning.
Clean frame-less folding meets.
The space for VIPs who visited the concert hall has been completed.
Fix the left and right parts that do not need to be opened or closed.
Overall, it was more stable.

with adequate clearance for skyning.
After installing a small light,
A more luxurious and stylish space has been completed.
Frameless folding added to the spacious space.
I’m getting more space.
I feel like I’m cooling down.
How much do you think it’s worth to watch a performance at a place like this?
Are you ecstatic?

We put tables that fit the space.
And when you’re done with the interior, it’s even more complete.
The work will be completed.
In space where skyning and frameless folding are combined,
I’m looking forward to your stylish look!

Finally, the construction of the frame-less folding is complete.
I’m going to show you a video of me hosting the show.
If you want to see the vividness of the scene,
Don’t worry and press it!

Today, we’re going to have sky-earning.
To the Frameless Folding Door
The New Blue Square in Itaewon
I introduced the construction site.
For a more efficient and stylish space
If you need help from our Todo Crystal,
Feel free to contact me anytime.
Thank you.

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