Hold the opponent’s hind arm and lower the forearm to shift my weight.

Hello, I’m Taejung.

I was thinking about what to tell you today.
Recently, my jujitsu has been in Gangnam.
It’s open

If you search the jiu-jitsu, you’ll probably find information about it.
I’m sure you’ll know a lot.

Today, I opened the Gangnam branch and learned the class on the first day.
Collar and Sleeve Delahiba among jujitsu guard positions
That’s the position.
Delahiva, one of your specialties, is famous all over the world.
Well-known players also look at your skills.
to the point of
It’s one of the skills that many Jiu-Jitsu must know.
As expected, the important point of technology is the director who gives us a lot of know-how.

In Delahiva, to break the opponent’s center of gravity.
Which direction should you put your weight on and the movements you have to do to lift the other rooms.
It’s easy to teach anyone from beginners to colored belts.
When there’s an official who doesn’t understand, you’ll show me again, and you’ll be able to see what you can’t or get confused
I’d like you to poke it.

The point when you have to lift your opponent’s foot in the Delahiba position.
Hold the opponent’s hind arm and lower the forearm to shift my weight.
These are videos of the highlights of the moves.
I’ll put it all together.
Among those who go to jujitsu or those who do jujitsu,
If you’re practicing your guard, you’re gonna have to…
You have to see it.

It’s about movements and points without the order of the video.
I hope you watch it and your guard position goes up.

Important tips for every position
Especially where to put the center of gravity.
I don’t know what to do in any position.

The third gym of the third gym.
If you come to Jiu-Jitsu Gangnam branch,
You can experience extraordinary jujitsu.

It’s gonna be really nice out there on a rainy day.
It hasn’t rained yet.

Jiu-Jitsu Gangnam Branch Guard
It’s Doohwan
I think I need to practice with my uniform on.I know

There are a lot of places that haven’t been sorted out yet since the opening of JiuJitsu.
The taste of 주짓수 organizing and decorating one by one.
Those of you who want to learn jujitsu.
If you come to the gym with the most colored belts,
I can experience beyond my limits.
A dressing room where you swarm in.
There’s a shower ready.
You can go home comfortably after exercising.

The reason why there are so many gyms is that many people want to learn.
I’m visiting from so many places that I can I at least say a little bit?
Maybe they gave it to a place where it’s convenient to come.
Until the day I become a keeper of the Gangnam branch.

I’d love to meet you. I want to go to the haunted house with you.

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