There are times when you are full of confidence with perfect self-defense.

Yoga, jujitsu, and Brazilian magic.
Sinchon Yoga
Only humans can achieve enlightenment through training.

Human beings have been enlightened and dismissed through deep thinking, and there are 3 ways.
First, how to gain enlightenment through meditation and meditation.
Second, how to bring body and spirit together to achieve enlightenment.
Third, a way of gaining enlightenment through religion or communion.
Sinchon Yoga Meditation and Sunset Jiujitsu Meditation
The Buddha of Sakyamuni, whom you know well, is the first person.

Jesus is the third person.
Then, where is the second person?
This is the way to practice looking into one’s mind through the body, such as yoga in India and those who train in Oriental martial arts.
The difference between sports and Sinchon yoga.
Wouldn’t a kind of sport like soccer, baseball, boxing and tennis be the second?

Not necessarily, but sports and martial arts are on a completely different path in the training course.
Sports are physical activities for the enjoyment of oneself and others.
The difference between shamanism and yoga is that they aim to achieve achievement through self-performance.
Differences and Commonalities between Sinchon Yoga and Martial Arts
What we’re going to talk about today is the differences and commonalities between yoga and martial arts.
First of all, yoga and martial arts have something in common during training.
Doing yoga is very helpful for martial arts training.
Therefore, a person who trains in martial arts will be able to complete the whole body as well as the inner body if combined with yoga.
Shinchon jiujitsu in Sinchon Yoga with one mind and body
In modern society, most women train yoga.

Yoga, known as Indian psychology, was originally the preserve of male attendants.
The history of yoga philosophy or yoga school is quite deep and can be traced back to B.C.

Yoga refers to a complex mental and physical training method that combines meditation and breathing stretching.
It’s very similar to martial arts training.
Yoga and jiu-jitsu that look into your mind.
The word yoga started with yuj combining and became yoga.

It’s a characteristic of mind that often occurs in all the processes of yoga.
Sometimes there are people who mistake yoga for religion.
Yoga is a methodology of harmony and experience in the mind and body.
The purpose of yoga is to acquire awareness that frees humans from the bondage of Prakriti.
In any case, yoga is loved for its slimming and meditation of women.
Making perfect happiness with Shinchon Women’s jujitsu
Can I do martial arts well if I do yoga?
From an expert’s point of view, I’d say very much so!
In Korean jiujitsu Brazilian martial arts, we are also training to relax our minds through meditation before and after the exercise.
It doesn’t mean that you should be dismissed in this short time and become a Buddha.

If you do yoga, you can learn martial arts quickly.
Meditation, called meditation, creates the assumption that all human thoughts and consciousness lie in a calm inner consciousness.

This is how Eastern religions find true selves by making the human mind immerse itself in pure inner consciousness.
Like yoga, when meditation and body become one, we feel free in body and mind.
It is said that if this accelerates, it will gain enlightenment through martial arts and reach the point of extinction.

Martial arts master the use of the body in the process of repeating the same movements.

I learn the principles whenever it is completed in the process of learning skills.
By enlightening these small principles, you will eventually gain greater enlightenment.
Training how to match body and mind is no different from yoga.

The purpose of training Sinchon yoga and Sinchon jujitsu is happiness.
Martial arts have long been one of the best ways to cultivate the mind.

In modern times, we changed the 신촌주짓수 program to a hobby so that anyone could approach it comfortably.
Jiujitsu is called Yusu in Korean.

There are many Confucian groups and techniques within the martial arts category.

The movements used in martial arts require the flexibility of yoga.
Recently, yoga is loved for women’s beauty and stress relief.

Yoga will be a good exercise and meditation breathing method even for slimmer body and health factors.
If yoga is a static exercise, Korean jiu-jitsu Brazilian martial arts is a dynamic exercise.

By learning the skill of overpowering various opponents, you will be able to maintain a really slim figure.
Sometimes I lose 10kg a month.
There are times when you are full of confidence with perfect self-defense.

Sinchon Korean Jiu-Jitsu for Women Brazilian Magic
It’s not a serious and quiet exercise like yoga, but you can blow away the stress of the day through active movements.
Whether you practice yoga or jiu jitsu, the goal is to be happy.

Women who used to do yoga often come to practice martial arts.
In conclusion, learning is 10 times faster than ordinary people.

Especially, Jiu Jitsu, which moves smoothly, has the best flexibility for those who trained in yoga.

Exercise is not an option but a must to improve the quality of life.
Hobby is the only leisure that only humans can do.

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